Everyone who has been into the trade of flowers has always looked around for the most practical tips for running a florist/flower shop. It’s true that any business needs a good deal of hard and smart work as well as creativity to get it established and running. Being always friendly, honest and genuine in business communications; would earn you the place that you have desired in the community. Here are some important tips to run things well.

  • (i) Get a toll-free number, which will instantly increase the response from the customers who don’t belong to the town and always stay out. Also put it up on the business cards, in the advertisements as well as on your website.

  • (ii) Always strive for giving superior customer service to your clients. If they expect something, give them more than they are expecting. This means adding extra touches as well as some extra flowers. Don’t think those extra as a waste, but think of it as advertising your shop and building customer relations.

  • (iii) Do write something for the local publication for free. In return ask them to recognize the business that you are running, it will render you advertising for free by them. As well as being openly recognized by a local publication, it will bring you a good flow of inquiries and finally the orders. Do discuss with them on how regular you should write for them.

  • (iv) Advertising on the newspapers is an old and yet the best way to let people know about you. Here the power lies in repetition and recurrence of the advertisement. Do get that designed from a professional, so it stands out and the readers notice it. It doesn’t necessarily be big, but ensure that it appears every week.

  • (v) Do check your competition regularly because you have to know you own status. If the competition is good then you got to be better than them and this will inspire you.

  • (vi) Do bond with your customers and concentrate on making a human bond with them. This way you would be remembered and recalled, whenever there is a need for flowers.

  • (vii) Be slightly careful on offering instalment plans for large purchases. This facility will gain you more customers placing heavy orders, but you should have a plan ready to get the money back, which you rightly deserve. You may always ask for part payment first, which could be 1/3rd of the total bill when the order is placed and the remaining in two equal instalments. Here the 1/3rd should cover your cost incurred on the material that you may have spent on procuring. The remaining 2/3rd would be your profit, which can wait for a while. However, be careful while choosing your customers for this offer. A customer is only good; if he pays otherwise they are just spending “your” money.

In the business of operating a florist/flower shop, the important thing is to communicate, connect and deliver what the customers need. This will enhance the customer experience in a positive manner and also increase your revenue inflow.


Flowers have always been the best part of decorating. Finding a perfect florist also can be a difficult task as there are many options available. Holding your budget you need to know what to choose. It’s better to have got a reference or get a small research done about what you are looking for. You need to know the requirement of the flowers, where are they required. You should know your wedding theme, the venue, the dress code and many more things in advance.

Choosing the florist

There are florists which can give you the best package for the any occasion. Florists are mainly opted out on the auspicious occasion on wedding.  Choosing a professional will surely stay in your budget, by adapting the flowers which are available in the seasons and by controlling the size of the bouquets by adding more greenery to the corsages. The florist can decorate the entrance of the venue by having potted plants placed and decorate the trees which are at the location. He does make the use of the artificial flowers in some places which look more realistic and are more durable.

Making a choice of flowers for the occasion

You should know what types of flowers will fit the occasion. You can chose flowers likes asters, camellias, freesia, lilies, roses, tulips, gardenias and much more for the weeding ceremony. As stated the flowers can be real as well as artificial depending upon the budget and your choice. There are artificial flowers that are available in market which can be cheap and can be customized as per your requirement. There can be flowers with different color of various sizes.

If opting out for real flowers you need to be have a check with your florist that the flowers should be undamaged and fresh. If the florist is a professional he will surely know what to deliver and when as he would not help in spoiling the reputation of his shop or company. But a professional will certainly be above the preferred budget for an average wedding.  You can have a check online; there are many flouriest which provide you different type of services. Before you go ahead with it discuss the all the required point as to be sure that they can coupe up with it.

You need to have a check with the florist if he is has any other arrangements other than the arrangement for your occasion and can he deliver the best at a perfect time. If the florist is experienced it would be no big deal for him to meet your needs. If hiring a professional you can you can stay care free. You also need to have a check that is it the same person dealing with your work, who guides you through this procedure. You need to ask the florist who can is going to deal with their work so that it doesn’t create a problem at your big day. Having this information in mind will surely help you in many ways.